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Brokers can’t be all things to all people. If your agency has clients who need coverage you can’t fulfill, whether that’s Medicare or other individual health and ancillary insurance, we’ve got your solution!


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We contact your customer, write the policies, service all case management and follow-up customer needs and PAY YOU a referral fee.


Easily refer your customers, protect your book of business and relationships, and collect headache-free revenue!


Referral fees are based on the products sold and range from as much as $100 for Medicare Advantage to $50 for Limited Medical to $15 for ACA Major Medical.

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We know that the individual health and Medicare space has changed drastically, leaving many agents confused and overwhelmed. Rather than keep up with compliance trainings, state licensing and carrier appointments, ever-changing enrollment portals, and more—let HealthCompare serve your customer AND you.

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Will be offered an expert and secure quote and enrollment process with live licensed agents who are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and appointed with more than 200 carriers.


Will rest assured that your customers are being treated to a sales experience branded for you and your company, that you’re referring to a trusted source, and that your book of business is being protected. And best of all, you’ll earn referral revenue when your customers enroll!